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2011 Hyundai Sonata - key won’t release in park

So now my key won’t release in park on my 2011 hyundai sonanta and it takes 10 true to release - just waiting for a recall to fix this like the brake light issue that drained my battery anyone else aware of the engine stall that may occur around 85k miles? I think that should be addressed. I drive my car on the interstate and the last thing I want is for the engine to seize!

Why wait for a recall? There may never be one. Have the key issue diagnosed and fixed.
As far as the engine seizing, how often are you checking your oil?
Seized engines are usually caused by neglect. Not checking and adding oil as needed, not maintaining the cooling system, ignoring the timing belt.
Maintenance items need to be done on a mileage or time interval, which ever comes first.

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I suspect Sandra14 is referring to the engine dying on the highway, not actually seizing, as indicated by the word “stall” earlier in her post. Not everyone speaks mechanic and we should make allowances.

Sounds like a problem with the gear shift interlock system, this shouldn’t be difficult to repair.

Hyundai’s Theta II engine has a high failure rate and has recalls and class action lawsuits for that reason.