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Struts on Prius

I went in for a regular oil change, to my

reliable guys…not dealers but certified for Prius…they come back w/left front strut blown, others weak; tires starting to feather due to bad shocks; recommend rotation, alignment & replace front then back struts/shocks @ $1200. Note: I have not noticed leaked oil (and they said all was gone)…or any uncomfortable rides—1. is it a good price? 2. how long can I wait…3. 100,000 miles on my 2002 & they said this was typical wear & tear, esp. w/ large & heavy Prius battery. Any help out there? thanx!

It is not surprising that you may need struts at 100K. Call around and find out if their price is competitive. I like to get lifetime warranted struts, to avoid paying for parts again, if I plan on keeping the car long term. Over time, you will ruin your tires if the struts are actually gone. I see where the struts are about $70 each (KYB Life warranted from Advance Auto), so about $400 is parts; the rest is labor and alignment, so I would think that the price is high.

Alignment should be about $80 and not a bad plan.

Rear struts and fronts shocks parts total should be less than $400. Four hours labor. They want how much?

So far, very few struts etc replacements in Prius, This big bad heavy battery talk does not fill me with confidence in your crew.


You can have strut service done at any independent repair shop. I wonder if Prius Certified means, “Feel free to charge the customer exorbitant prices…just like Big Brother Prius Dealer!”?!