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Struts leaking after less than 10,000 miles on Toyota echo 2001

my mechanic thinks there is a problem with the car’s frame. Alignment testing showed the front right wheel sitting just behind the position of the left front wheel. He thinks he can fix it. Is that why the struts are leaking so quickly? or could there another reason? I am a careful driver. Arana

Not sure about the struts, but for safety reasons it is important to get the alignment problem fixed. I’d start with getting the alignment fixed, then after that is resolved work on the strut problem. You must have something bent in the suspension, most likely from hitting a pothole or curb at some point.

A 2001 with 10,000 miles? I don’t think so!

Let me guess. You just bought the car used. It was only driven on Sundays by a little old lady scout leader to visit her priest. But it didn’t feel right, so you had it checked and the shop said the right front wheel is in the wrong spot. But eth Carfax SAID it had never been in an accident!!

If you would, could we have the whole story? My gut is shouting ACCIDENT!

I think the OP means the struts have 10,000 miles on them, not the car.

George, you may be right. If so, my apologies to the OP.
I’d still like to know if this is a used car, however, and if the OP knows the history. The wheelbase of one side doesn’t just go out of whack for no reason.

I’ll go on the hook and agree with the same. Something is bent and doubtful that would cause the strut leaking but hard to tell. At any rate, you’d want to get it all fixed at the same time since you would have to do another alignment after the struts again. I would suspect a bent control arm or something. Wouldn’t necessarily have to be a reportable accident I would think but hitting a curb hard could maybe do it. I’d want to know what the guy has in mind for “thinking he can fix it” though. The bad parts should be replaced.

I’m not saying that you can’t determine whether one wheel is out of position longitudinally, but it is not something that is readily visible and I have never heard of anyone checking that on a normal alignment. I am always a little suspicious of the “leaking struts” diagnosis too.

I think its time for a second opinion.

Agreed that another opinion is needed and if a strut has been pushed back then the car has hit something no matter how careful the driver.

Along those lines I see this on the way home this evening. At a major intersection known to be one of the most accident prone around I’m sitting in the left turn lane. A state trooper in an SUV patrol unit approaches from my left to make a right turn. He has the window down and I see him bobbing around with cell phone in hand.

Thinking to myself, what if. A few seconds later while making that turn and obviously with the phone having his undivided attention, he rammed the cruiser into the high curb. There was a bang, the vehicle lifted up, and he nonchalantly finished the turn and motored on; still yakking away. The pro training must have taken over; the curb strike and jolt didn’t phase him a bit.

The maintenance shop will probably get a “I have no idea…” when the trooper is queried about worn tires and alignment issues… :frowning:

Maybe they’re just crappy struts or yours came from a batch with a manufacturing defect. I’d get warranty replacements (different brand if you can) and go from there before freaking out about more serious problems existing. Align the car if it needs it.