Struts for Honda civic 2001 EX

If one needs new struts for a Honda civic 2001, is it necessary also to get an alignment after you get the struts replaced?

I have heard different information information from two different repair places. Anyone know for sure? also, I just had an alignment about 4 to 5,000 miles ago, when I got new tires. Could getting an alignment cause some damage to my struts? My car has about 46,600 miles on it right now.

And is it common that both struts generally need replacing at the same time? Or could just one need replacing. would a garage do both, even if only one needs it, just becasue they are doing one of the struts?

thanks for any info.

Who says you need struts? Why didn’t the mechanic who aligned it 5000 miles ago say the struts needed to be replaced? Replacing struts requires an alignment because the bolts that hold them are also used to adjust alignment caster and camber settings. It is probably best to replace both for symmetry’s sake.

thanks for the reply from luke p. (I hope I remembered correctly). the alignment was done at a place that sells lots of tires, not sure why mechanic didn’t mention that I needed struts. Perhaps the problem happened after I got my new tires. The old tires didn’t have a lot of uneven wear but I thought tread was getting a bit low and tires were on sale so got new ones. I’ve been told by two mechanics my left strut is leaking – not sure if the right strut has a problem or not. A couple of different mechanics have pushed on the both of the front corners of car, shrugged their shoulders and said I probably need both – but neither specifically noted there was leaking on the right strut. But for symmetry’s sake, it is best to replace both at the same time, you say?

Could I have driven over a curb or bump and caused damage to a strut? could the wheel alignment have caused the strut to leak?

Is it okay to keep driving the car without replacing, or will I wear out my new tires more quickly by not fixing?

thanks for any info

If the strut is bad, then it likely will damage your new tyres. If you replace one I would suggest it is wise to do them in pairs. 46,000 miles is a little early for struts, but certainly possible.

thanks for your reply-- I replaced the struts today – the car sounds less creaky now, the left front end was definitely creaky before. I did not get an alignment, because a few garages I called said it was not absolutely necessary. I did have an alignment about 4-5000 miles ago after getting new tires. anyway, thanks again.


I believe that an alignment is necessary when the struts are replaced. However, I would get a second opinion on whether or not you need them. I replaced all of the struts on my Civic at about 150,000 miles. If you really need new ones, you should replace all four of them. You really should not replace a single one. You should do at least two at a time. Shop around. In this case, you can find a better price at a non-dealer shop and you are likely to find struts that come with a limited lifetime warranty. That is pretty valuable if you plan to keep the car for a long time. The next time they need replaced you will only have to pay for labor.

Your previous wheel alignment is moot. You need to have it aligned after strut replacement.

Heres a quick check. Your tow should not be affected by changing the struts, and neither should the castor. The camber is the only thing that would be affected. The camber is the vertical adjustment of the wheel. With the wheels pointed straight ahead on level ground, use a bubble level against the tire. If you have to move the bottom or top of the level more than 1/8" away from the tire to center the bubble, then take it to the shop for an alignment.