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Struts and Shocks

I have a 325ci bmw with 118,000 miles which i take good care of. Need to change the struts and shocks. My shop wants to replace them with Monroe synsatract shocks. Are these shock as good as the Original equipment?

Probably not as good, but better.


Sensa-Trac shocks aren’t that bad, but I wish I could say how they compare to OEM. It might be worth perusing a BMW forum and see what other owners prefer on their cars.

I know nothing about Monroe Sensa-trac, other than they cost about half as much as the OEM parts for this car. May be just fine.

When I replaced the shocks and struts on my 328, I went with original equipment manufacturer, which is Sachs-Boge. If you want to even spend more, there are a half dozen different options for this car, but I played it safe.

Sachs-Boge offers three lines, standard, Advantage, and Super Touring, but any of them is about $150 per strut and $75 per shock. I went with standard.