Looking for input on brand of shocks

I’m looking to replace my shocks/struts on my 2003 Mazda Protege5. I’m looking at possibly Monroe, KYB, or Gabriel. I don’t want to spent a great deal of money though I’d like something that is well built. Any thoughts on good brands? How much of a difference does it make? I’m open to other brands as well. It looks like I’ll be spending $50-70 per shock.

All the brands you list are top-of-the-line brands. Now the only difference between them is price.



i have only had bad luck with Monroe

I’m a pretty gentle driver, but my Monroes blew out within 20K

KYB’s are firmer than Monroe’s. If you want a sportier ride, then get the KYBs.

I’d prefer the KYBs. They’re about $55 each at Rockauto.

I’ve had bad luck with Monroe’s with my Trucks. They never failed…but after a just a few years the ride became very harsh.

KYB’s would be my first choice.

Another vote for KYB. They are probably the most popular OE supplier for shocks and struts. Your car probably has KYB struts on it right now.

Thx for the input. That’s exactly what I needed.