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Strut replacement

My 2003 Honda Civic LX has 88,500 miles and I have been informed by two different repair shops (both trusted) that I need front and rear struts. I have kept up with the maintenance on this car on a regular basis. I did not have any indication that the car needed struts, but the tires are showing some feathering. I just want to know if replacing struts at this mileage is reasonable on this car and does this year and model have both front and rear struts.

It should have struts on both the front and the rear. Keeping up with maintenance has nothing to do with the life of the struts though. That is all age and roadway based.

What often happens is that the driver becomes acclimated over time to a softer (weak struts) ride. This creeps up without your ever noticing it.
This is often why many people think that after a strut replacement their car rides too harsh and think there is something wrong with the new struts. The only change is that their old mushy ride has disappeared and they’re not used to the new firmer, and proper, ride.

Nothing unusual about a 2003 car with 88,500 miles needing struts/shocks. They wear out gradually, you may well be surprised at the change that new ones make.

Your reply is really appreciated. I am definitely getting the work done, but you have satisfied my curiosity about the need for the struts since they are expensive. I also like your comment about the change in the “feel” of my ride with the new struts. That info will save me having to log into the “Car Talk” site again. Thank you.

Thank you. I am now looking forward to the improvement in the ride since I spend a lot of time driving for my work. Strut work is being done this week.

The ride will seem strange for a day or two. Then you will get an alignment and it will feel strange again.

Thank you. I have an alignment being done when the struts are replaced. I will ask if I need another alignment as a follow up to the replacement.