2002 CRV Struts and shocks

I just had my 2002 Honda CRV in for an alignment. A recommendation came back that I replace all the shocks (and I think that meant the whole strut?) on all four tires. They said they had lost their ‘rebounce’ and that the manufacturer suggests replacing them at 50 or 60K and the car has 85K. What do you think? Is this reasonable? We have not noticed any real difference in the ride - it has always driven like a truck. And this would not be cheap. Thanks for the advice. Jeff

At approx 40K I was told when having tires replaced that the struts on my 95 Taurus needed to be replaced.

I knew better, & sold the car at 150K miles & never did replace the struts.

If the tires are wearing normally & it does’nt continue bouncing after driving thru a dip in the road & if the struts are not leaking, i’d leave them alone.

Get another opinion. If Honda really recommends replacing the struts at a certain mileage (I doubt it) it would say so in the maintenance schedule that came with your CRV.

You can test the “rebound” yourself. Push the bumper up and down at any corner a few times to get the vehicle moving, then let go. If it stops bouncing right away the struts are fine.

There is a chance that you don’t need them. If they put in something heavy duty, it could really ruin the ride. Generally speaking, you “know” they have to be changed somewhere along the line. So save the cash for changing them at 100,000 miles, unless you plan to sell the car at 150,000 miles. In that case, you can get it done sooner, so that you get the benefit of the new parts.

i owned a 1992 Honda Accord and never changed the struts and it had 280,000 miles on it. It still drove fine and the ride was still good and the tires wore good.