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Strut Replacement & Alignments

I have been told I need new front struts in my 2000 VW Jetta GLS 2.0 with 40K miles (YES! that’s right, 40,000!) I don’t question it needs them, but I need to know whether a front end alignment is necessary after replacement. I got 3 quotes ($550-$600) for the struts, but no one mentioned an alignment. Do you think they factored it in and didn’t tell me at this price, or was everyone planning on “surprising” me with it after the initial work??? I can change oil and tires, but beyond that I need help! Thanks!

I think alignment should be done after strut replacement. An alignment check isn’t very expensive, <$50. Can’t you call the places back and see if alignment is included in the price?

Use your horse-trading skills and get them to include the alignment.

Curious, How did they come to the conclusion you needed new struts, the bounce test is not accurate, if they arent leaking how can they tell?

Post back a break-down Parts and Labor $600.00 sure sounds high

2hrs labor and $50.00 $100.00 for the parts should handle it, maybe the job is more difficult than I expect.

The only way to be sure about whether the alignment cost was included is to ask them. Give them a call. Everyone’s opinion could be spot on but you still won’t know for sure unless you ask them.

Well, I do question the need for them, 40k is pretty short - how do you know? Shops are known to over sell these, scare you with ‘it’s a death trap’ kind of stuff. If it really does need them, then yes, you have to get an alignment. The struts themselves aren’t cheap ($70 min each for decent ones).

40,000 miles is normally way too early for struts on a VW or any car for that matter unless you have been driving on extremely poor roads for many of those miles. Do the bounce test at each front fender. Push down on a fender and watch the rebound and compare to a new car; get a second opinion too.

An alignment check and adjust as needed is in order after strut replacement.

Whether you car needs struts or not, I don’t know. If you get the struts replaced you HAVE to get the alignment checked… period. Any time a steering or suspension component is replaced the alignment needs to be checked.