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what is the signs of a bad struit.

When struts are worn out, you will tend to have some or all of these symptoms:

Very bouncy, choppy ride
Poor handling, with lots of body lean
Excess tire wear, particularly wear in uneven patches
Clunking noises when going over bumps

On many American cars, the struts are ready to be changed by 90k miles.
What are the model year and the odometer mileage of this Taurus?

Your ‘struit’ ( v. aka ‘‘strew it’’ ) is bad if the seed isn’t evenly spread over the area.

But your strut ( aka shock absorber & structural suspension component ) on the other hand will act as any other bad shock absorber.
Too much bounce ( you push down on the fender with all your weight and let go. it should bounce up then return to zero…once. )
While cornering you may find the car leans too quickly and doesn’t keep the line you’re used to with the need to slow down more and steer different.
Wavy, floating ride. The car is bouncing too much from the first bump when it encounters the next.

Check rear shocks too if experiencing any of these handling issues.