Leaking struts

My son said that one of the struts is leaking on the contour.

What can happen if you do not replace it?

We were getting ready to buy the car from our son, and fix the ball joints, but before we do, I need to get more info on the struts.

Thanks in advance!

Tester said it best yesterday, with relation to tire cupping: The Strut/shock dampens the spring movement. When they become worn, they no longer hold the tire(s) to the road. The tire can then bounce up and down as the vehicle travels down the road. Where the tire comes in contact with the road during this bouncing event is where the rubber wears off the tire and causes it to cup.

So you stand to screw up tires and not have a proper handling car if you don’t go ahead and get the work done. Get lifetime warranted struts and consider them a one time replacement, because for most folks, they are. If you have to replace them, then the second time is labor only.