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Strong fuel vapor smell around back of car

I have a Ford Escourt 1996 & I have just noticed A really strong gas odor around the back outside of the car. Can anyone tell me what is going on? As always I’m afraid of auto mechanics & the hourly charge!

You Possibly Have A Fuel Tank Leak Or A leaking Fuel Line

Was the car recently filled or overfilled with gas? Sometimes this will cause the odor, but it should go away in a relatively short time.

Rust can cause leaks on a car of this age. You may be able to see drips of gas on the ground or a wet area on the gas tank, especially after a fill-up. Some escorts develop leaks on top of the tank (sometimes at the fuel pump) and sometimes can be accessed under the back seat. I’m not sure if your car is like this. Otherwise the the tank will need to come out.

Gasoline leaks are not good because of fire danger. Have the car put up in the air and inspected. I suppose it’s possible that there is a leak in the evaporative system, a fuel line, filler neck, etcetera. The tank is a likely culprit, but not necessarily the problem for sure.

Take it to a mechanic(trusty one hopefully). Gasoline smell is life threatening. Saving a buck does you no good when you are dead potentially from a fuel leak that turns into a fire.