'95 Ford Escort Wagon Gas Fumes

So I have been getting REALLY high on gas fumes that are invading my car. I have been okay with the odor except, now my good friend is worried about my brain cells. The smell permeates from the back, everytime I fill up the car and gets weaker as the tank goes down and is gone by a quarter of a tank.

I have taken it to a mechanic and he says it was fine. Please save any remaining brain cells I have left. I need them, I’m a graduate a student who survives on Red Bull and Nicoderm.

You need a new mechanic. There is obviously a leak somewhere in the fuel tank area. It could be the tank, it could be the filler tube, or a fuel line running from the tank to the engine. No matter what it is that’s leaking, you should have it fixed ASAP.

Not only is inhaling gasoline vapors extremely dangerous, there is also the potential for a catastrophic fire.

This is not a joke. You could become extremely ill from this. Take it to someone who will diagnose the source of the leaks and repair it. It’s NOT fine.