Gasoline odor

What could cause a strong gasoline smell (seems to be outside of the car) about 3 hours after parking the car? Took to the dealer the first time it happened, and they could find nothing. When I got back home, I smelled gasoline again after the car had been sitting in the garage for about 3 hours. Thanks! My car is a 2001 Geo Prizm - runs fine otherwise.

When that happen to me I could not find it either until it got worse. It turn out to be a leaking hose on top of the fuel sending unit (on top of the gas tank). When it got worse I lost all my gas on the street. I was not happy. Not to say this is your problem, but thats what happen to me.

Thanks for letting us know. I’m glad it turned out okay.

Happy holidays.

Did I miss something?
Methinks you in wee bit too much of a rush today, mb.

Thanks, medalheart. Sorry about what happened to you. I just talked to the mechanic - he said that fact that it takes time for the smell to happen makes him think there may be a leak in the venting system? Apparently they have a machine that can test for leaks, so I will take it back later this week. Since my car is not leaking anything (at least there are no visible puddles underneath), it does seem like it would be fumes rather than liquid…