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Stratus won't shift out of low gear!

I have a 1997 Dodge Stratus with an automatic transmission. It wont shift out of low gear. I get trouble codes 15 and 66. I replace both speed sensors, but they didn’t do any good. What can I do ?

I am assuming that trouble codes 15 and 66 read as ‘no input shaft signel’ and ‘no output shaft signel’ respectively. Make sure you check the wiring from the sensors to the Power Control Module (computer). Also scan the trouble codes again to make sure that 15 and 66 still are active.

code 15 is no speed sensor reading and code 66 is no tcm reading. The speedometer doesn’t work either. Does the shifting solenoid have anything to do with this?

Check the connections to the TCM cable at the transmission. The cable is held in place with an 8 mm bolt IIRC. Loosen the bolt and remove the connector. Spray with electrical contact cleaner and replace. This is a fairly common problem.

I’ve had that connection apart numerous times. I’ll try it again. I replaced both speed sensors and the tranny did the same thing. I then put the old sensors back in and the code 15 was no longer there. The tranny still wouldn’t shift out of low gear. HELP!!!

Here is more info from Allpar

It sounds like an open circuit or short in the wiring harness tot he sensors.

I went to the local salvage yard and purchased a TCM, Shifting Solenoid and both Speed Sensors. I replaced them all. The car still won’t shift out of low gear. I noticed that all of the indicators for the shifter on the digital dash are lit up, instead of individually lit up for what gear it is in. Anymore suggestions?

Did you check the continuity on all the sensor wires? Did the digital display of the selected gear do the same with the original TCM? Have you scanned the replacement TCM for codes? Are the codes the same?

Check the transmission selector switch to make sure that it is operating correctly and not shorted.

I haven’t checked the continuity yet. The digital display did the same with the old TCM. I haven’t scanned anything yet, because I don’t have a scanner. Where is the transmission selector switch at? Could that cause the transmission not to shift out of low gear?

Yes the transmission selector switch will cause the TCM to revert to ‘limp home’ mode, i.e. second gear only with full apply pressure. The TCM needs to know the position of the manual shifter so it can sequence the correct solenoids. I am not exactly sure where the switch is located but they usually are on the outside of the transmission where the manual shaft enters the transmission.

BTW, also make sure that there is battery voltage to the TCM. If there is no power to the TCM, the transmission reverts to ‘limp home’ mode.

Hope that helps.

I did some research on Alldata. Sorry the transmission range switch is in the transmission and it looks like the valve body has to be removed. The plug connector is right next to where the manual shaft enters the transmission. I was unable to find if the range switch wires go to the BCM or the TCM first. The TCM and BCM do communicate over the CCB communications bus. If the range switch is wired to the BCM, it is possible that the Body Control Module is not sending the correct communications to the TCM.

Let us know what you find out.

Have you changed the EATX relay or even swapped it with the reverse lamp relay??? These two relays are the same. Look in the power distribution box under the hood. Under the cover there should be fuses and relays. Across the bottom of the box there are about 8 relays in a row. The second and I believe the 6th relay on the Stratus, Breeze, and Sebring. (They should be labeled) They should be labeled EATX and Reverse. Swap these two relays and see if your problem goes away. If you swap them and your reverse lights dont work you probably found your problem. This is where I would start since a code 15 indicates the EATX relay output is always off.

This is where I would start since this is the most common problem.

Post back with the results.


I switched the relay that was right next to the EATX relay (it was labeled fuel pump)The relays are the same. I do have backup lights. There seems to be no power at any of the terminals at the EATX relay. The gear selector indicator in the dash has all of the gears highlighted.

Now you should check the power feed to the EATX relay. If you can get a wiring diagram for your car, look for the fuse that feeds power to the EATX relay. It will probably be a fairly big one and connnected to the always hot bus. There will be one fuse for the contacts and probably another that feeds the coil. The TCM will be activating this relay by grounding the other coil terminal.

Keep us in the loop as you trouble shoot this problem.

I don’t know how soon I can get to look at the wiring, I have a full time job. I’m trying to save myself some money by doing this myself. I will get back as soon as I can.

With the ignition “ON”, you say there is not any voltage at ANY of the EATX relay terminals?? If there isn’t then there is probably a bad fuse/fusible link.

If you want, I can e-mail you a diagram to guide you through it.


Guys, We have ignition!!! I was pulling fuses one at a time when I returned home last night. The fuse labeled TCM was pulled out and one of the prongs stayed in the fuse block. Replaced it and everything works. I checked that fuse before and it didn’t look like it was blown. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to help me out. This sight is the greatest. I will tell all of my friends and relatives about it. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Congratulations. Now you have a spare TCM, solenoid pack, and speed sensors in case any of these give up

Know anybody looking for a TCM, solenoid pack, and speed sensors. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!