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Stratus Rack and Pinion

a small metal tube has rusted out on the steering rack unit. Garage says entire unit needs to be replaced for $800…can’t they simply replace the metal tube and not the entire unit?

“Metal tube” could be a few different things. But in general if a rack fails or is about to fail, most shops will replace the whole thing rather than rebuild the old one. Can you better define the “rusted tube?” That would help. Are you having any steering problems? If not, I’d go get a second opinion.

The rusted tube is the power steering tube on the rack and pinion unit. It is rusted out and leaks. This causes the fluid to leak out.

I think it’s the steel pressure equalizer that runs between the two boots on each side of the rack. If that’s what it is, it’s likely that the dealer can’t order that specific part separate from the rack.

However, you could probably get that tube from a wrecking yard for a song. That’s where I’d be looking.