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Rack and pinion

I was wondering if i can drive my car with a rack and pinion that needs to be replaced?I dont drive very far and am going to get a new car in february and just wonder if i really need to spend that money to replace it or if i can just hold out until i get my new car

You didn’t give enough information for anyone to make a good guess.

Why does it need to be replaced?

i went to the store had power steering came out went to leave had none.i went to the autopart store and bought power steering fluid put it in and by the time i got home 2 miles down the road it was already just about gone.i took it to the mechanic and he jacked up my car put some in and out it came.its leaking real bad by the front right tire.he said it needed to be replaced and i just dont want to spend the money if i dont have to.ty for your help

If the fluid is leaking that fast it is likely a hose… Get a quart of fluid and top off the reservoir, start the engine and look under the car for the source of the leak. If someone holds the steering wheel at the fully turned position the pressure will increase and likely make the leak more evident. The pressure hose on many Taurus was routed from the pump at the front of the engine across to the drivers side where it made a U-turn back to the front of the engine where it U-turned again to the Rack and Pinion. That ‘hose’ was part metal and part rubber and is the weakest link in the system.

Regardless of what is leaking, get it fixed really soon, or else you’ll be buying a new pump as well.

ty rodknox for the info i will check that out first.and i dont really care bout the pump like i said im getting rid of the car in february just wanted to know if everything will be ok driving wise until then if its worth spending $300 to fix it when im not keeping the car