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Strange Wheel Noise

After a long trip with my 2005 Buick Century (150k miles) I sometimes hear a low-pitched squeal coming from one of my front wheels. It happens when I turn the steering wheel sharply when pulling into my driveway slowly or parking. The noise can be described as blowing air sideways into an empty jug or bottle. Could it be a heat-related issue with the brakes or bearings?

Send us a sound clip when its doing it.

After a good run with some firm braking, feel for heat at the front wheels. It should be about the same at each. Don’t touch the disc - it can burn you.

You say it makes the sound turning into your driveway. Try making some turns without using the brakes and see if the noise is there. If the noise is there with no brake use, most likely wheel bearings. I have a 2005 Lesabre - had to replace both front hubs before 150k miles. Should be fairly easy for you (or a shop) to rule out or confirm bearings by getting the wheels off the ground and checking for play.

Have the front brake pads inspected for wear

There are wear indicators on the brake pads that come in contact with the rotors when the brake pads wear to a certain point.