Strange Sound in a brand new Subaru

I noticed the same noise when I started moving forward in my 2005 Accord. I do not notice it in my 2017 Accord. It was the ABS check in the 2005, and I think that is what the noise is for you, too.

If people know what it is and the dealer informs the, the owner’s may be offended that the dealer thought they are uninformed. It’s better if the owner asked or finds out on line at a site like this one.

The ABS check sound people post about here isn’t typically described as a “groan”. It’s usually described as muffled clicking or multiple thud-like sounds. You could use the forum search feature (above right, click on the thing that looks like a magnifying glass) to see what folks say they hear. Maybe your “groan” description is the reason your shop didn’t think of the ABS as the culprit.