Strange problem

I have a Saab 2000 9-5 SE. It had a strange problem. When I go out and park my car, I won’t be able to start within an hour. However, if I try to start it after two hours, it will start. I bought it to dealer they reloaded computer software and it seemed working for about a year. The same problem resurface again. I asked them to do that the same. They told me, my software was up to date. I still suspect it’s computer issue. Any suggestions?



Tell us more detail of the non-start conditions. Does the engine crank normally? Does the check engine light come on? If it does, what are the trouble codes? List them (such as: P0401, etc.).

What they were telling you is that they’ve already reflashed the computer. You can only do that so many times.

Disconnect your battery for a few hours and reconnect it. If this appears to solve the problem you might research the cost of a new PCM ($$$). If it indeed corrects the problem for another year …then carry on happy that you’ve got a remedy. If it fixes it but the condition returns …then weigh your options. Locking this down without some frequency of occurrence in a number of other vehicles could be expensive.