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Strange Experiences with buying or selling a Vehicle

Have you ever had one? I have had several- especially dealing with online contact places like Craig’s List or even cars listed in a newspaper. Today I stopped by a house that has 2 Old Novas for sale. I had stopped there in early July and I had also called the guy and left him a message yesterday. When I stopped by today he came outside after I had been in his yard for about 60 seconds looking at one of the cars and I was heading to his door to see if he was at home. He said I couldn’t just show up anytime I wanted and come into his yard. There is no fence and there are no signs regarding dangerous dogs or whatever. He said his mother was from Texas and that she was liable to shoot at me! I live in Virginia in a city that is not out in the hills or anywhere like that. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to buy the car today and that I needed to make my mind up quick or he was going to take it off the market. He also mentioned that his mother did pull a gun on somebody yesterday- I don’t know if he was making this stuff up or not. I said I could understand him being uncomfortable with 2 classic cars sitting in his yard and people showing up without warning. He said he wasn’t worried about the cars- He just didn’t want me to end up being shot because I did something stupid (i.e. walked on to his property without being invited) It kind of reminded me of a red-neck sit-com. Suffice it to say I will not be purchasing a vehicle from the gentleman-LOL!!

Us’n rednecks is kinda’ funny that way… :slight_smile:

We don’t post our land or fence it. I’ll tell you this, though, if we don’t recognize you &/or you’ve called in advance, there is a chance you’ll be looking at the wrong end of a 30-30.

As for experiences with selling cars on Craig's list?

I had many responses when I decided to sell our sweet 1992 Olds Cutlass Convertible.

One person wanted me to research & prove that my asking price was 'fair'.

One person wanted me to drive it 80 miles so they could look at it.

One person made suggestions about payment options that would make a sailor blush!

The guy that bought the car called in advance, described the car he'd be driving & then called 5 minutes before he got to our house. 

He left his dad & his car behind when he took the Olds out for a test drive.

We shook hands & the next day he came back with CASH. (calling first, of course)


I hope you are speaking tongue in cheek regarding the 30-30. If not, I suggest you get some anger-management therapy and quick-LOL!! I have had cars in my yard for sale over the years and was never surprised to see people wander in to look at one- in fact I was happy to let people see them- All those cars ended up selling without much problem- My philosopy is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. :slight_smile: .

No need for anger management, my dear…jest sayin’…

Well, there is the bro-in-law 'Nam vet that is just a bit paranoid…

I have one of those in the family too- He’s finally getting over it to a degree- back in the 80’s he would go into flashbacks- thought there were tanks outside the house!