Strange A/C problem

I have a '99 Volvo S70. My air conditioning works great…on the open road. In town or in traffic, it starts blowing uncooled, damp air. I, therefore, think it must be a problem with something other than the A/C itself. My husband drove too far forward at a high curb with looking at a beautiful view (OOPS), and a piece of my car fell out. It was a large plastic piece that belonged behind the bumper. Our mechanics (not a Volvo dealer) reattached it. Could this have been poorly reattached thereby causing air not to flow correctly into my A/C?

I doubt if that is  the problem, but it is possible the A/C fan is not turning on.  Open the hood and look inside with the engine running and the A/C off.  You normally will see one or no fans running.  Now have someone turn on the A/C ...  Does another fan turn on?  If not it could be the fan or a relay.