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AC not working properly

When I first get into my car, the AC works and the fan will move the air. However, after 20-30 min., the air is no longer cooling and I can barely feel the fan blowing the air and I have touched neither the thermostat control nor the fan. The AC will not put out cool/cold air with the fan at the same position until after the car has been turned off for at least 10 min. What needs to be done to fix this major problem, especially since I live at the hot and humid beach in South Carolina?! Please help!! Thanks, Wren

I’ve seen this problem before when I lived in Georgia. When it’s hot and humid the AC accumulator tends to “freeze up.” It’s especially noticeable when you leave the fan on a lower setting and the thermostat on max cooling. The problem can also be caused by a low freon charge. I would have a good AC shop check it out.