Strange A/C Noises

When I turn on my A/C it makes an extremely loud noise. So loud, I can barley describe it. It sort of sounds like I’m laying on the horn, but with more of a grinding tone to it. It’s loud enough that people inside and outside of the car can hear it. I often use it instead of the horn, because my horn is broken. I’ve scared many pedestrians. No cold air or any air comes out of the vents either. It’s hott this summer. I want it fixed, but I was wondering what it was and what the cost of repair would be.

Sounds like the air compressor is trashed. The price will vary depending on who does the repair and it’s pretty hard to hazard a guess since no one has been told what kind of car it is or the locale, which affects the price.
1982 Toyota, 89 Escort, or Ferrari Testarossa?
The last one WILL have a lot of zeros on the end of the bill. :slight_smile: