96 Suburban randomly stalls while driving, more frequent recently

96 suburban k1500 4wd 160k miles, mechanic cannot find anything wrong with it, no codes. I have searched the Internet relentlessly and replaced these suggested parts; fuel filter, idle air control sensor, crank shaft position sensor, fuel pump, ignition control module, distributor cap and rotor, plugs and wires. now recently the car is running rough at idle like its misfiring. exhausted frustrated and broke, any help is appreciated.

I have the same problem w/a 2K Nissan Maxima. My mechanic replaced the mass air flow meter because it made logical sense and does not show up on an OBD. Did not solve the problem. Nissan suggesting throwing thousand of dollars starting w/the computer wiring harness, if that doesn’t work replace the computer, etc. Extremely frustrating and worrisome to drive.

I had the same vehicle, similar problem that turned out to be bad spark plug wires, but you replaced those - didn’t help?

hey thanks for the replies, i really appreciate the feed back and im open to any suggestions at all. i just replaced the plugs, wires, rotor and cap last weekend, i really wish it did the trick but no luck. this weekend im going to try and see if i can find any presance of a vacuum leak around the intake manifold. ive been told to shoot a few squirts of carb cleaner around the manifold area while running and listen for the engine to change idle, hopefully i dont catch myself or the truck on fire.

This sure doesn’t sound like my favorite cause for stalling, the oft mis-diagnosed idle control. But, just to make sure, tell us the idle rpm if you have a tachometer.

Raised the white flag and picked up a 2007 Honda Accord at auction. Thanks everyone for your replies, this is a great site and resource.

Now we’ll never know what the cure was/is.

There’s not a lot left to change eh?

If there are no codes, replace the code storage unit. Maybe the engine control module is “cyber-shot”. No codes can be one indication that the computer is now just a silly activity center, a way to attach spaghetti to a shoe box or the robotic equivalent of a malfunction junction. It’s a sushi chef working with hamburger or a weaver trying to braid dry noodles. It’s a definite maybe trying desperately to become a sure possibility. I see that you already replaced the car; one way to change the computer. The TRS 80 solution.