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2001 Xterra stalling at start or low speeds. Help!

My 2001 Nissan Xterra began stalling yesterday when stopped at a light or when going slow speeds (under 30 mph). It starts right back up but would immediately stall again unless I rev the gas. When the car is cold (first start of the morning or after sitting a while) it doesn’t immediately have the stalling problem. Only after driving for 10 minutes or so. Replaced the fuel filter today and still the problem persists. Filled up the tank the day before the problem started and I was worried about bad gas so I added dry gas to the tank, but that didn’t help either. Air filter is clean. Help! What should I check before reaching the conclusion of bad gas. I was already scheduled to take it to the mechanic tomorrow for timing belt and v belt change and would like an idea of what needs to be done. FYI- fuel pump was changed 2 years ago due to a nissan recall.

Also, spark plugs were changed about 30,000 miles ago and look okay.

Have your mechanic check the Idle Air Control mechanism.