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BMW 2000 740IL starter replaced but still unreliable-


car has 39,000 miles (not a type) from beginning of ownership (original) same problem -under warranty replaced starter & parts; didn’t help…replaced battery (all of this per dealer);

will start if kept home on a trickle-charger but i need to drive it away from home ! can reach a 200 mile desitination -stop -will not start !

currently at new dealership -has tried everything for a week (got it there )- left and it didn’t start for them ! So they ‘saw’ there ‘is’ a problem !-tried new starter-nothing-replaced my starter - battery ‘fine’ -did every-‘guess’ idea they could think of. Hasn’t started all week for them !

independent bmw mechanic and noww this dealership are saying same thing: ‘‘if the car is NOT failing, they cannot diagnose the problem’’ !!

Hate to trade it (pristine condition/+39k miles!! but don’t see any other choice …

Any input would be appreciated. THANKS SO MUCH - PAUL

The post is a bit confusing, but of I understand correctly a trickle charger will keep the battery charged but it drains out after a 200 mile drive? And the battery is new?

Has anybody tested the alternator? No, the car does not have to be failing to do this.

was told battery is fine - the trickle is more of a belt-suspenders situation probably not needed… battery does ‘not’ drain after a 200 mile drive - it’s fine - it’s the starter that will not turn over the car - just hear a '‘sharp’ click (only one click) …yes -alternator was tested …it’s o.k. too as is battery - independent bmw repair shop and dealer cannot figure it out because it’s not in the ‘failure’ mode (their words)… if you say the car does not have to be failing and the alternator is alright could you suggest something else? it will start SOMETIMES ! BUT YOU NEVER KNOW ! we travel - don’t want to get stuck if we stop for gas or a store prior to hitting our destination. thanks

The only two other things I can think of that can be heat affected and manifest themselves as a click with no starter engagement are cable connections and the starter relay. Have these been checked?

dealer called late today - he will check what you wrote above - leaving it thru monday giving another shot…thanks so much !!! have you heard of this with this particular BMW year/model ? wonder if it’s worth keeping even if they ‘think’ they’ve fixed it… thanks again !

In the many years I worked for BMW I replaced very few (like under 5 and never on a e-38) starters or alternators, just not prone to failure very much, I have no reason why this is so.

For the V-12 7 series we did have a pretty involved recall that involved replacing the alternator, battery cables, battery but that really was an engineering problem.Now GM,VW,KIA dozens and dozens of these components got replaced.

I wonder what it took to get the Dealer to decide to replace your starter as it is common knowledge that these parts last forever in most cases, certainly not due for replacement at 39K.

I did replace a water cooled alternator on an X5 once (noisy) they sit in a water cooled tub. That was the job that caused me to buy that crowfoot set I posted a picture of a few weeks back. Worst job on a BMW is warranty starter replacement on a 4 cylinder early 3 series (e-36) paid .6 and took about 1.5.

todate, the charges are a total of $300.(including the diagnostic fee of $175.)This is the 2nd dealer to try replacing the starter … - that was the first one’s idea which was done(where we bought the car)…this new dealer didn’t replace it - just tried a ‘new’ one to see if he could get the car into the ‘failed’ mode again …but it failed with a new one also…so he replaced our current one …but each day thereafter (been there since monday- now sunday) car started each time tried ! big question is if this dealer/original dealer/independent bmw shop owner can’t find a problem (unless ‘‘quote’’ …it is in the failed-mode) is whether we keep it or not. Is there any possibility the anti-theft device could cause something like intermittent failure to turn-over the engine? again, all that is heard is the loud, sharp-sounding ‘click’ - one time at each try…sometimes after trying by the 7th time it will suddenly '‘connect’ and the engine starts !!!
it’s a shame to dump this car in its present condition with only 39k but why take a chance on getting stuck someplace when away from home…it’s a ‘dangerous’ world out there to be stranded someplace with no help available. thanks for trying tho …appreciate your input