Storm Damaged Kia

Our '06 Kia Sportage was struck by a huge tree limb that fell during a severe thunder and wind storm. The limb was approx 1100#, 20 feet long and a foot and a half thick and struck the drivers side door. After getting the vehicle back from the repair facility and making a few short trips around town, the rear driver’s side brake caliper apparently seized and the rotor was red hot and actually smoking after grinding down the brake pad. About 3 months ago we had all four tires replaced and a brake job done consisting of new pads as the rotors and calipers at that time were in good shape. Also, functions of the alarm and automatic door opener are compromised and a check engine error code identified a problem with the #2 cylinder P302 error code.

How likely is it that the damage to the tire/brakes/engine/etc is related to the tree striking the vehicle? Of course, the insurance company seems to think everything is a coincidence but we really don’t. Any ideas? Thank you.

Sounds Like A Coincidence Unless Somebody Can Relate Any Of This To A Falling Tree While They Are Doing The Needed Repairs.

How long did this car sit and was the door glass broken allowing water inside ?