Is this a crack? Or calk line?

Hi all, Was thinking about buying this 08 Kia Rio. Owner collided w/ a deer (deer’s fine). This area under the hood above the passenger tire area has some odd damage. Does anyone have feed back as to the severity of this issue?

That, my friend is a broken weld. This car is in need of some serious repair work. This car needs to get to a body and frame shop ASAP, it is likely not safe to drive.

Run, not walk, away from this car! RUN!

I agree with Mustangman.
The deformation of those structural parts–as a result of a collision (the deer collision or some other collision)-- was severe enough to break the welds–and that is…not good.
As a result of the collision, the structural integrity of this car has been severely compromised.

I would advise looking for a car that doesn’t already have structural damage.

Thanks! Those white edges are soft…like it’s caulk… And on the undamaged side it looks like a caulk line too… My finger nail can press into it. (?)

The undamaged side…

Instead of properly repairing it they covered it with caulk. Agree with above, walk away

This damage is on the top of the strut tower, a very, very bad place for that kind of damage. .
Run. Fast. There are other cars out there.

This is damage that occurs when the adhesive that joins the structural components of the vehicle has been damaged.

You thought those components where welded?

They’re glued!


OK, if it’s glued how concerning is the situation to you?

Walk away!


Yep, run away. Plenty of undamaged cars out there.

Thanks Everyone!!

That structure has to withstand considerable load every time you hit a bump. And if it comes apart, the strut could push straight up and fold the top plate. And I guarantee you that having lost much of the structural strength with the damage incurred, the structural failure there will continue to grow until it fails catastrophically.


So now, instead of welding the beer cans together they just glue them together…

In that location, the spring tower, you expect to see this kind of damage after hitting a big pot-hole at high speed…

I’ve heard of glue being used to hold the structural tubes of aluminum bicycles together, but never on cars before. Is gluing structural steel components unique to Kia or is it common among all the brands these days @Tester ?

I just do not understand if you have questions about a used vehicle why go to a forum and just not look elsewhere. I live in a town of 30000 and we have 12 used car lots that I can think of.

Volvo, I tend to shop on Craig’s list. I’m looking for that deal… …and (chuckle) I use much psychology when communicating with seller… This one seemed worth a shot, a 60,000 Kia Rio hatchback. Sweet little car for my youngest.

I would advise against buying a “pre-crashed” car for your kids

Craigslist is the last place I would shop for a vehicle for a young driver. Most dealers have their own web sites and a real location so you won’t be meeting a stranger with your child along. Besides have you not seen some of the terrible things that have happened to Craigslist buyers, psychology or not.

db4690 - Realize I had no idea of the deer crash. I’m careful enough (give me a tad of credit) to hire a mechanic for every Craig’s car. That’s where we start. $25 bucks and on the lift she goes. No exception.