Stolen key for a Chevy Malibu, how to re-key?

2012 Chevy Malibu. The spare key got stolen. What are my options to reprogram, change keys, etc?

If you are only worried about the car be started, the dealer or a locksmith can remove that key from the PCM. Just be sure and bring all of the “good” keys with you. There might be a way to do it manually, but a scan tool is probably the easiest way. Generally you are looking at an hour of labor for anything like this, which is likely ±$150.


A locksmith should be able to “delete” all of the existing keys from the computer memory. Then he can add in however many new keys that you like.

No need to go to the dealer for this, unless you’re in a hurry and/or something unusual comes up.


but will the physical key still start the car?

Just call a few local key shops and ask them what they can do and what the cost might be . If the other key was stolen from in your house with other stuff your insurance might cover this or at least tell where to take the vehicle.

Modern car keys have a transponder chip included into the physical key itself, usually in the plastic handle or something like that.

If you go to the locksmith and have all of the “old” keys deleted from the computer’s memory… none of the old keys will start the car. Even the one you had stolen.

No, it has a chip embedded in it. Once it is no longer programed to the car, the key will still turn but the car will not start.