Lost Keys with Computer Chip

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. One day the car would not start and a mechanic friend put in a new steering column and I was given an additional key to use.I had to use both keys to start the car, lining the chips up exactly right, one on top of the other, and turn the ignition. This was no problem at all when I got the hang of it. The problem now is the keys are lost for good! They were my only set. My mechanic friend is now nonexistent. How do I get the car running again without any keys? Is there any good solution to this situation? Please help!

A mobile locksmith will be your best bet, or get the car towed to a Mitsubishi dealer.

As far as I know, those are your only two options, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of an anti theft system.

If you do the mobile locksmith, find out if he can do that old of a car/ same with a dealer before getting it towed.

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Thought it was a 2020 veyron, nope, just a 19 yr old Mitsubishi.

Finding a Mitsubishi dealer might be a problem .