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Stolen Car: will Insurance pay w/ key inside

Hello, my brother’s 1 year old new car was stolen from the drive-way with key inside. He was about to head off to work in 6am in the morning, then he realize he forgot something and went back in the house to gap it. as he walk back out, he heard the bang door sound and rush out. A man with red hoodies drove away. we reported to police right away and tried to chase after him after i woke up in fear.

So will insurance pay for the car, as the key was inside (he has full coverage with 15000/30000 coverage). We are very worry since he still have car lean on it.

Any knowledge in that or past experience is highly appropriated.

Sorry to hear about your brother’s loss. About all you can do is report it to the insurer and see what happens. FWIW, my daughter had her car stolen from a garage. The thieve’s broke into the house and took the keys off the counter. We have OnStar and the car was located in less than an hour. If your brother’s car is a GM, maybe has ha this feature, too. Some other manufacturer’s off something similar.

How about this? Read your insurance policy…If they exclude covering for theft for keys in car, they will have to state that in the policy…I think you are probably okay…