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Car Keying

My three cars were keyed last night. Should I file a police report?

Of course you should.
Why would you think that you shouldn’t file a police report?

While the chance of the perpetrator ever being caught is minimal, your insurance company may require a police report in order to pay your claim. Most insurance companies don’t require a report of this nature for non-collision claims, but some do.


Yes, you should file a report. It’s vandalism, and your insurance company may want to know whether or not you filed a report.

Yes the police want to know so they can track vandalism in particular neighborhoods. They most likely won’t solve anything but they still want to know. I had a new Olds keyed once and ended up having to repaint the entire side. Keying is really had to to just spot repair. Plus you want to get it taken care of right away before any rust can settle in that will bubble up later under the paint.

Unquestionably. They are there to serve you, and helping locate the perps is just the service they provide. It’s time your local government spent some our tax dollars on you for a change.

Not only for a neighborhood track record,
for a personal track record.

If they come back to do something else like break windows.
If they catch someone elsewhere and wonder if it’s your perpetraitor too.
when you finally speak to the judge you can’t be trying to say “but they keyed my cars last week too !”

Say’s who ?