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Still has a hop

2003 pontiac grand am gt 2-door v-6 auto 66,500 miles has a hop in the front right corner. the hop is only present under a load like a stop or left turn at speed. we have tried rotating tires and putting diffrent wheels on it, rebalancing and tire pressure adjustments. i just put a [single] strut in on that corner[ it got a little better ] . it does have a little cv noise [ little noise ] but the cv boots are good. i know struts should be done in pairs, tight on cash. the car had a warranty strut put in on the driver front about 30,000 ago, so i just did the front passenger side[ where the hop is] . could it be that nessary to do the other strut, or could my cv joint be the issue??

Best to go to a suspension specialist and have them inspect and see if they can tell what’s going on. If you have the warranty paperwork, start there. Carefully evaluate what they say and then post back here if necessary.

It is hard to evaluate things like this without being there and driving the car, to get a feel for the issue.

What does a car do when it has a “hop”?

Does this “hop” appear to be more of a pulsing sensation?

it acts like a bad shock in the front of a rear wheel drive sedan. steering wheel and dash dont shake, its not that bad

it has new pads and rotors and rotors were turned, no pulsing no steering wheel shake