Geo Prizm Wheel Hop


Re: 1993 Geo Prizm, LSI 1.8, 4-door Sedan w/160k.

Having issue w/front-end wheel hop. Would like to know what component of front-end suspension is defective and/or worn.

Otherwise, car is mechanically sound and excellent transportation.

Thank you.

Wheel hop is caused from a worn out strut or shock.


Or a bent wheel. Or a defective tire.

Can you describe under what conditions it’s hopping and what you’ve had checked?

Has not been checked by mechanic yet. However, front-end suspension – struts which applies to this make/model, seems most logical. The front-end of the vehicle experiences wheel-hop when taking-off from a stopped position.

thank you.

Easy strut check…push down on each of the front corners of your car. When you release it, it should only bounce once. If it bounces more than that…your struts are worn out. If your struts are OK, then you may have bigger issues.

Great advice. I will try this suspension check to verify strut wear. If not not worn struts, what other front suspension issues could there be?

Great advice and sounds most logical given the symptoms mentioned, will look into this possibility.

the one joune rule no longer applies,thats 1972 era,rec checking the motor mts,specific to the antiroll mts only because you mention from a stop.its a GEO for gods sake not a town car.

A Geo does not have enough power to make the wheels hop, unless of course you red-line the engine and dump the clutch when you “take off”…Of course, the struts on those are similar to the guts of a Paper-Mate retractable pen, so maybe you CAN get the wheels to hop…

i agree with the strut diagnosis. if the car is really wheel hopping because the struts are that far gone it should be very noticeable by simply pushing down on the front suspension and noting how it feels.

another possibility could be a binding half-shaft which may be causing the car to lurch.
at the age/mileage of the car either of those is possible, but consider the struts first.

Geo Prizm’s oem struts are TOKICO, made in JAPAN.Not your crappy Monroes.

What if it does not bounce at all?

Revision: No, they are not made in Japan, certainly not Tokico. They are notorious AC Delco. I found out after removing the older struts.But Corollas have Tokico.One of many reasons why Prizms were cheaper than Corollas. Not just appearance difference.