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Sticky value(s)? - cost to adjust

Have an '02 Jeep Cherokee with 105,000 miles. Have a recent engine “ticking” that from what I’ve read here, could be a sticky value. It’s a pretty constant ticking now that varies in noise level from time to time. Before I bring it in to a mechanic I wanted to get a general idea of the costs involved in making the necessary adjustment. Also anyone have any info on the “Seaform” cleaner recommendation made on this site? Is this adjustment damaging the engine when I drive now?

More likely a lifter issue than a valve issue.

Does the ticking correlate to the speed of the engine? Sea Foam is great for gas and carburetor issues in my experience. It could be a valve adjustment needed, what is your oil change interval?

Thanks for the note. No the ticking doesn’t correlate with the engine speed and the ticking is intermittent (which made me think it was just the time it took for the oil to circulate into the engine). I change the oil & filter religiously every 4,000 miles. Used it today and it “ticked” for about a minute while idling at a stop, but not when I started it and drove about 6 miles. Any more ideas?

OK, as an engine novice, I know what a lifter is, but any clue as to the complexity of the job to “fix” it?