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2000 jeep grand cherokee "Ticks"

00 grand cherokee with a V8.

every time you start it up it ticks for a bit. It’s my wife ride (which she doesn’t take very good care of).

She does, however, let me take care of all the scheduled maintenance. We keep the oil changed and once every 6 months I clean the intake and fuel system. The ticking is new. We haven’t changed the oil viscosity but have downgraded from AMS OIL full synthetic to a high mileage brand.

My question is, can you adjust the valves on this motor or am I just looking at relacing the lifters?

You might just need an oil filter with a better anti-drainback valve. Check and see if a Motorcraft FL-1A will fit, I know it is not the filter the book calls for but I know many people are using these on 3.3 liter Chrysler V6 engines to cure ticking on start up. There have been extensive discussions about this in Chrysler minivan forums.

If it’s just start up rattle …then it’s the filter. As was said (sorta), a filter with a silicon ADBV might help. Start up rattle is not considered damaging, but it is annoying. That’s why some Motor Craft filters have the “S” suffix. It to stop customer complaints. If it was a requirement, then just about half of the filters out there would not meet OEM spec’s.

If it’s one lifter ticking until the pressure comes up, then I’d recommend Auto-Rx used as instructed.

the jeep has about 162,000 miles on it. I’ll try using a different filter at my next oil change (which will be due soon) and see if that cures the problem.

Thanks for the info

If you’re going to try a different filter, try a WIX if you can find one near you. These seem to have a pretty good ‘anti-drainback’ valve.

Have you taken the time to listen to where the “tick” is coming from? The reason that I ask is that a fairly common problem with the 4.7 engine is the drivers side rear bolt on the exhaust manifold breaks and causes a exhaust leak for minute or so when first started from cold. It often sounds like a lifter tick, but is actually an exhaust leak that goes away as the manifold warms up.

Why did you change the oil type?

I would suggest using a length of garden hose like a stethoscope to pinpoint the sound source.

Why are you “cleaning” the intake and fuel system every six months? Is it part of the maintenance recommended by Jeep?

We changed from AMS oil to a high mileage to save money. AMS oil is now about 9 bucks a quart.

I clean the intake and fuel injection every 6 months as a preventative maintenance. It may be a bit more often than really needed, but it keeps it’s average mpg above 21…which is pretty good for that thing.