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Sticky Transmission Volvo xc90 2005

My 2005 AWD V8 2005 XC90 just had a new transmission put in it. I bought it used. I have noticed on 3 occassions since this happened 3 weeks ago my transmission sticks if: I am going from zero to 30 in a turning situation. I have tried to replicate it from zero to 30 going straight. It only seems to happen when making a sharp turn. It revs in in the lower gear and then pops violently into the higher gear. ACK!

Check the fluid level. If the fluid is too low, it can slosh to one side of the pan and starve the transmission.

Well, now you know why the original owner got rid of it.

Did you have the transmission installed, or was it installed before you bought the car?

Did the car come with any sort of warranty?

Did the transmission come with any sort of warranty?

Sounds like the trans is interpreting WOT (wide open throttle), at least if I’m reading you correctly.

Let me describe it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You apply the normal amount of throttle. No upshift occurs as expected. You have to apply more throttle and the car then attains (somewhere around) 30 mph and THEN it shifts into 2nd gear.

Correct? Transman will be along, I’m sure. I would recommend Auto-Rx to clean out any varnish that may be hanging anything up. ( Great product. No fear of anything like a solvent. It would require a fluid exchange in 600-1000 miles.