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Transmission sticking

I have a 1999 RX300 with 226000 miles on it. When I first start off driving the car shifts fine but, buts are never a good sign, when I have been driving awhile I will come to a stop then start off it shifts fine from first to second then second to third is ok then when from third to fourth it seems to stick. When I turn the car off it seems to reset then things shift normally until I stop again and it work fine or it starts all over again. So what could be the problem. I just started having this problem just before I took it in for a fluid change. So is the problem something I can fix or is it a major fix? Major fixes involve major money and I only have sargent money. help

When you say “…from third to fourth it seems to stick.”, do you mean that the shift is delayed i.e. the engine revs up higher than expected. When the shift does occur does the transition feel crisp or is it mushy? Any signs of slipping while in fourth? Be as specific and descriptive of the problem shift as you can.

Reply back and we will try to help.

It does not shift when it sticks. It stays in gear and runs at higher rpm thats when I stop turn car off restart then shifting occurs normally.No slipping. When car starts off first to second is mushy and then shifting is fine after that until it starts the sticking problem then it will shift like this 1st to 2nd little mushy like slides into gear, 2nd to 3rd clean shift then it does not shift at all to 4th, that is when it is acting up. When it does shift like suppose to its a nice clean shift and it goes into passing gear just fine and back out of it just fine.

What kind of fluid change was it? Was the pan dropped and the filter replaced? How often was it serviced before this?

Your best bet is to take it to a local, independent shop that specializes in transmissions and have them scan the computer for error codes.