Sticking starter

I’ve got a 2001 Honda CRV (obviously), I absolutely LOVE this vehicle and wouldn’t trade it for anything except another one. I just rolled over 108,000 miles however, so things are starting to need replacement/repair. Recently, with the cold weather, when I start it in the morning, if its way below freezing, say 20 or below, the starter will stick for a couple of seconds after its starts and I release the key. Do I need to replace the starter?


You may want to remove it and have it bench tested BEFORE you replace it.

It’s possible the Bendix return spring is just weak, OR there may be a fault in the solenoid keeping juice to the Bendix even after you release the key.

Bad wiring connections maybe?

I’d hate to see you change the starter then find you didn’t need to.

don,t drive the car unless it is 35f the selinold is sticking take it a shop if you can get it off yourself they can repair it or you can replace it. some just bolt on top of starter. or try a junk yard. check the different price from auto store .

It’s just possible that the ignition switch is sticking and not returning to “run” after you let go of the key. You could look at it carefully while starting the car and see. It’s either that or the mechanism that disengages the starter is dirty and not lubricated anymore. If you knew how, you could remove the starter and clean things up, grease it and replace it. If you don’t know how then the labor to do all that would be the same as the labor to replace the starter and you should probably just either put up with it until you can’t take it anymore and then replace it, or replace it now.