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I have 2007 E150 I like to know if there is a power amp for the system and if there is where is it and its doing the same thing as the factory one it works when it wants to it shuts off when I hit the brake

From the factory, Ford vans were NOT outfitted with remote mounted amps. Everything was just in the radio unit.
check all the wire visually for rub through and grounding out, especially up under the dash.

Check with They should show all the audio options that came with that vehicle.

You can even get an aftermarket replacement unit at Walmart, BestBuy, or any big-box store.
One suggestion: be sure you get a wiring harness adapter. You can Google one easily. Walmart and Sears used to sell them, but I don’t know if they still do. They eliminated a lot of their product lines to make room for groceries. You can solder or splice the adapter’s wires directly onto the new stereo unit on the kitchen table following easy-to-follow directions, and then plug it directly into the original wiring harness. No butchering required. It’s well, well worth the extra money. Prevents wiring harness problems and makes installation far easier.