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Kia Optima 2002 stereo problems

So I just installed a new pioneer stereo on to my car and it works fine but it makes this hissing sound when is not playing any music. I took it to fry’s this guy who installed stereo had a look at it and said that everything look fine. But the hissing sound is probably because the car has a factory amp and the new stereo has an amp also. So my question is does anyone if I can take of the factory amp without have to rewire the whole car?

Yes, it can be done. I’d suggest you find a better shop than Fry’s since not only was the tech guessing that you HAD a factory amp, he still installed a system in the car without removing the factory amp.


Well, in an attempt to look on the bright side, at least the installer from Fry’s only screwed-up the customer’s audio system. Just imagine the major damage that he could do if he tried to install a Remote Start system!

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OOooohhhhh Yeahhhhhh! :see_no_evil:

I guess I get a different meaning out of the OP’s post. I read it to say that the OP installed the stereo unit and had a hissing sound. Then they had someone at Frys look at it but did not actually pay them to correct the problem. I doubt if the Frys installer is going to do much without an actual work order.
Maybe the OP will return with more info .

You could be correct, or–perhaps–the OP just doesn’t communicate clearly.

Does “installed stereo” refer to this particular audio system, or is this a reference to somebody who “installs” stereo systems–rather than who “installed” this particular stereo system?
Can the OP clarify his potentially obscure verbiage?