Stereo Code - Audi 1993 CS 100 Quattro?


I’ve recently bought a used Audi that shows an error code on the stereo display. I’ve been recently educated that a code of some sort is needed to activate the stereo.

I was able to find a website that listed the default code as “1111”, but that didn’t work.

I called the local Audi dealer and was told I have to bring the car in and have it hooked up to a machine to have the code pulled off the stereo itself. This will cost me $90.

I’ve been further educated by a local mechanic that the Audi dealerships are able, and quite often do on a regular basis, give these same codes over the phone to mechanics who have disconnected an Audi’s battery for repair work. (He didn’t offer to help me out in my situation, however).

So what’s up? What are my other options to get this code? I’m not paying 90 bucks to get it, that’s for damn sure.

Is there any other way to get the code?


If you don’t want to pay the $90 you could always hum to yourself.




I am glad you had a sense of humor about that. I don’t know of any place but the dealer to get the code. Did you do an internet search for an Audi board? They might know if the code is placed in the vehicle.


have you try look for the code in the owners manual?


Try here


i’m trying to maintain my good humor, so thanks for the laugh.

i hadn’t thought of looking for an Audi specific board - i’ll try that. thanks, too for the link - i’ll check it out.


the previous owner didn’t have any paperwork or manuals for the car, so i’m flying blind.


Have you tried 1234

That was the default in my 88 VW Jetta GLI. I would scan the internet for audi forums: