Pulling to right

have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4 liter inline 6 four wheel drive pull to the right.

It needs to be fixed. It could be a symptom of a dangerous condition - not just an inconvenience. And it means your tires are wearing out faster.

There’s a number of possible causes, especially on a vehicle this age. Some of them are dangerous, some are not. You need to get the vehicle to a reputable shop ASAP, just in case your cause is one of the dangerous ones.

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Temporary swap wheels left/right. If pull goes to the other direction you’ll know it is tire related.

thanks George_san_jose1 already swap tire with one of the other. still pull to the right.


Are Familyguy and Dripper the same person ?

  • Alignment or suspension
  • Brakes dragging on right side of car
  • Crown (lean) of road

it needed new tires and aligment.

Glad you got it resolved FG/Dripper. Good for you.