Steering Wheel shaking/pulsating when accelerating?

1994 Honda Civic Hatchback: Just started doing this in last 3 months. When I start to accelerate for getting onto a major road the steering wheel seems to “wiggle” around a bit, then stops doing so. Nothing else seems to be the matter. Is there a problem with the suspension, ball joints etc? Thanks

We can assume the mileage is high and front end parts can be expected to be worn. The possibilities are almost unlimited…control-arm bushings, ball joints, tie-rod ends, CV joints, strut mounts…As cars age, especially FWD unibody cars, they become flexible flyers…

are your tires more than 4 years old, if so check the side walls for lumps and the threads for separation.

Yes the tires are more then 4 years old, so I will check what you suggest.
1st Responder, yes the car has almost 160K miles & I would understand where there could be 1 or more front end issues, which would require a mechanic diagnose.

Thank you both.