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Civic steering jerk/twitch

Okay. So i was driving around town all fine and all of a sudden when i was exiting the highway (previously going 75mph) my steering wheel started to twitch. Like violently to the right and straight again. Violently twitching. Like a click but a twitch. No sound …and only when i slow down and/or put in my clutch.
recently in the past 10,000 miles i have replaced (well my boyfriend replaced) cheap $40 inner and outer tie rods and AutoValue house brand right wheel bearing.

I have not done alignment sense tie rods sense it didn’t seem to be to different. (Hasn’t worn tires at all)
I need to figure out what’s wrong because i have no idea. Rack and pinion? Bad tie rods already? Something loose??? I need help!!

You need the car in the air so you can feel for a bad bearing or looseness in the steering. It might also be a bad differential - uncommon but possible. You don’t say how many miles are on the car so I don’t know how possible.

Anytime tierods are changed an alignment is required. Take it to an alignment shop and tell them your troubles, and they can steer you in the right direction. By the way, I have learned over the years, buying the cheapest parts available will not save you money. These parts fail exponentially faster than quality parts.

From this description it’s a little tough to discern what’s going on or whether or not the vehicle was turning or slightly turning when the twitching occurred.

Plus, it’s impossible to tell what model-year this Honda Civic is because the information was not provided.

The first thing I’d check is the tension and condition of either the power steering belt or serpentine belt, the one that operates the power steering pump. If it slips and you’re in a turn then symptoms that you describe will present.

Try turning the steering wheel (front wheels) from side to side while the car is stationary, but engine running, and see if the steering wheel twitches.

A look-see under the car at the tie rod situation and verifying the wheel lug nuts are holding the wheels to the hubs correctly is where I’d start. And checking for unusual wheel bearing play of course. If this occurs only during braking, the brakes may only be only working on one side.

If the steering is shaking while braking the brake rotors are warped.