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Steering wheel not turning as smooth anymore

I took my 2011 honda accord in for maintenance and a/c work and when I got it back the steering wheel does not turn as smooth anymore,I have to use more effort to move it when turning. Do you need to oil the steering wheel on cars or did they screw something up?

Take the vehicle back and explain your concern.

If the vehicle was put on a lift to do the maintenance work, sometimes when the vehicle is lowered it exposes a problem in the steering/suspension components that wasn’t there prior.


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Could be the belt especially if the power steering and AC use same belt.

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There’s no need to oil the steering on modern vehicles. My guess is the power steering pump isn’t turning the same rpm as it was before. Either b/c the belt that turns it is slipping, or isn’t correctly routed. Good idea to first double check the level of the power steering fluid.

Power steering fluid is at normal level. A/c work was to fill with freon and check for leaks, small leak in condenser. Other work was oil change and state inspection. Can any of that affect the belt?


Yes. If the A.C. compressor is cycling more now than when it was before the repair, a loose or worn belt will slip more now than before the repair.

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They didn’t repair anything just refilled it with freon. Can that affect the belt?

Update: is there anyway for them to intentionally sabotage my car to make the steering wheel act this way? It turns out they sold me a fake honda cabin air filter. I bought one from the parts department to put in my self and it didn’t fit well and the part number is not a honda filter. So they are an unethical dealership.

Why would they do that ? Messing with your steering could get them in a lot of trouble . And Honda does not make filters .

Honda doesn’t make cabin air filters.

They purchase them from a supplier.



How did you figure out the cabin air filter was bad?

By routed do you mean the tension on the belt?

I am going to check tension on the belt next, how much play should it have?

The serpentine belt has an auto-adjuster.

So there is no adjustment.


There is no reason to think sabotage. If you are struggling this much with a possible belt problem I think you should find a shop you can trust and let them take a look. I understand why people feel like auto repair people can’t be trusted, but more often than not you will find an honest mechanic than a crook.

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Honda makes cabin filters I have got them many times before.

Who really cares who makes a filter. What are you doing about the steering wheel problem ?

I use to work for a major filter manufacturer.

And we would supply all types of filters to many OEM’s.

All we had to do was print the name of the OEM on the filter/box and it was an OEM filter.

But we still made the filter. Not the OEM.


I don’t think you get the point I am trying to make. When I called them they admitted they messed up. Can anyone please tell me how to check the belt I am not taking my car back to that place and don’t want to pay to take it somewhere else if the belt is fine. The steering is not horrible, more annoying then anything.