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Removing a broken wheel lock

My son and I called AAA to send someone out to get a broken wheel lock off the tire on his 2004 Toyota 4runner that he needed to change. The AAA guy had a special tool called a “twist socket” that he claimed never failed, in solving the problem we faced until today. But the tool did fail.

Our “plan” is to buy regular lug nuts to replace the tire locks, then use the specially keyed socket that is still undamaged to remove the other three wheel locks (hopefully without breaking them) and replace the locks with lug nuts prior to once again attempting to remove the broken wheel lock and risk damaging the special key socket that supposedly works to remove the locks. I have more ideas, but my son was inclined to check with folks who might have solved this problem previously before turning me loose on his car. Probably a wise decision on his part. Can you help ?

You say the tool that “never fails” did fail, can you elaborate a bit on just how it failed (I am thinking that the keyed wheel lug nut is cross threaded on the lug stud). What technique does this tool that usually works use? does it grab the keyed wheel lug nut by the outside or is it still trying to make use of the “keyed” pattern?

most automotive repair shops have “kits” for removal of wheel locks. call yours and ask. have it towed in if they do and let the pros take care of it or to one that does.