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Steering wheel/ignition lock out

my 1999 Chrysler T&C was pulled into a parking lot space, wheels turned slightly to the right, turned off and left for 30 min. it was power locked. after returning tried to start it and the key would not turn, also the steering wheel seemed to be locked with more pressure then usual, however the wheels were only turned at 5 degrees. I tried wd40 in lock also unloading the steering wheel pressure by turning it clockwise and trying to get the key to move. What else can i try?

Honestly, the car is still stuck? If you haven’t done so already, grip the top of the steering wheel and pull it toward the driver’s side door (counter-clockwise). The key will turn and engage the ignition and start the car. The problem is you turned off the ignition while the power steering was engaged in a turn, leaving the steering assembly under load, under the pressure of unspent kinetic energy. Pulling back against the load frees the ignition.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and really pulled hard counter clockwise but ignitions still wouldn’t turn