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hi, i have a 1998 chrysler town/country and lately when i get in and try to turn the key in the ignition it locks up and and won’t turn making it unreliable, however i’ve been able to eventually turn the key. At times maybe it helped to turn my steering wheel as hard as i can to the left, or possibly after i stepped on the break really hard. my brother has told me this happened to him with the same make of car and he used silicone lubricant and that seemed to work - for at least another year…anyother thoughts?


When it sticks, see if the steering lock has engaged. The steering wheel will move a little bit, one way. Turn the wheel that way and turn the key while holding the wheel. If it’s just the steering lock, you don’t need us.

Put the gear shift lever in N. Have the battery and alternator checked for low voltage at an auto parts store (free). Also, the shift linkage may be a little off.
Yes, I am talking about the problem of not being able to turn the ignition key.